image1Kevin Salazar

Kevin played for Dallas Texans his entire youth carreer. He was captain of his team and won many of the nations biggest tournaments in youth soccer giving him a very clear perspective of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of youth soccer. His tournament wins to name just a few include: Dallas Cup, Surf Cup, State Cup and many of the local tournaments like Plano Labor Day etc. Kevin has trained youth players for years as well as training with local pro players with FC Dallas, Chicago Fire and Dallas Sidekicks. Coach Salazar was recruited out of high school to play for Duke and many other top national D1 mens programs but chose to focus on his academics locally by attending SMU. Kevin graduated from SMU in 2014 and began full time coaching youth team coaching in 2012. His teams have continued the success that he enjoyed as a youth player. He has won multiple youth National Championships and all of the local youth tournaments in Dallas and through out Texas. He has developed his U6 boys team and turned them into one of the top D1 CLASSIC teams in Texas. They are now taking the next highest step in National Youth Soccer and moving into the ranks of the Developmental Academy. All of Kevins Academy and Select teams are ranked near the top of their divisions which is a testament to Kevins training techniques, coaching ability and dedication to his teams.

Major tournament achievements:•3x Disney National Champion
2014- 07’s
2015- 07’s and 09’s
•2x USA 3v3 National Champions
2014- 07’s and 09’s
• Copa ESPN Champions
2014- 07’s
•Copa Univision Champions
2014- 07’s
• Kellogs Copa Alianza Champions
2013- 07’s
2014- 07’s
US Futsal Regional Runner Ups
2014 -07’s in u9 division playing a year up!
– coaching 07’s and 09’s for PST

laneLane Wendorf


I started playing and loving the game of soccer in 1972 when the Dallas Tornadoes was the hot soccer franchise. Pele, who was and still is my favorite player, was introducing the United States to a new exciting brand of soccer. I played soccer through high school and college starting in 1985 and continued playing locally until tearing my ACL. Endurance training, weight training and personal private training took the place of soccer as I rehabilitated from the injury. Now, I am a husband and father of two players who are making a name for themselves playing for Sting and PST for which I assist in training and coaching. As a licensed coach I have found success developing players by instilling individual ball skills and using those skills in a team concept. We have won numerous local and state tournaments as well as back to back National Championships over the last couple of years. Seeing all of our players success and being recognized by our competitors through their requests to come train with us from across the nation is very rewarding. With my 40 years of soccer experience and knowledge of strength training, I focus on identifying a players needs for improvement while building on their strengths. I target those areas with SPEED, AGILITY, STRENGTH and SKILL drills helping them to react quickly and effectively in all situations on the soccer field. “Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Pele.