Why Attack

The Attack Training program is simple to understand and very rigid in its implementation. We identify a players strengths as well as weakness and train them aggressively to guarantee improvement in both areas, period. We train soccer players aggressively in all elements: Speed and Agility, Endurance, Strength, Touch, Skills and Moves, Striking and Finishing.

You hear the phrase, “Soccer IQ” thrown around, well what does it mean to you? Some say that its basic meaning is how an athlete thinks on the field. We train players in the before mentioned elements repetitively to improve a players Soccer IQ on the field through improvement in quickness, reaction time, strength, speed, skill, movement, positioning and most of all CONFIDENCE!!

Confidence on and off of the ball is the key to all players success. Repetiton in our program but keeping our drills and techniques fresh and challenging brings our players CONFIDENCE to new highs so when they take the field, whether it is for practice or a match, they are prepared and excited to meet the challenge.

We guarantee our players will improve Attacking balls from the air, Attacking space, Attacking 50/50 balls, Attacking defenders and Attacking the Goal. Our training center offers features that no other program has, so come see for yourself what you or your player can accomplish in THE ATTACK ROOM.

If you or your player is not willing to work hard and be dedicated to learning and improving then please do not bother joining us. We train athletes from ages 6 to 18 years old and no matter their age or ability, we expect the same level of dedication and effort from all. Attack athletes have fun meeting the challenges of improvement and enjoy the rewards of excelling as an individual and as a part of their team. Soccer is a team sport and while the ability to play excellent in 1v1 situations is important we believe in a team concept. We train together, we play together, we win together and we become champions together.